1. How to use Patent Bazaar? (for Patentees/Patent Owners)
    As a granted patentee/Patent Owner you can use Patent Bazaar for identifying any similar inventions or any further improvements on current inventions filed by any other inventor and keep yourself updated. Also you can see for infringements, if any.
  1. How to use Patent Bazaar? ( Interested licensees/Assignees)
    Any interested person/company may search for the invention of their interest, which they may find useful through Patent Bazaar site for licensing or Assigning the invention from the Patentee through our portal.
  1. How and why list your patent for sale on Patent Bazaar?
    You just have to follow few easy steps to register, upload your information (description, picture, patent number, etc…) and your patent is instantly listed on Patent Bazaar. This is a platform where you can post ideas and also explore other patented technologies and seek for innovations and more. Thus, it becomes a great opportunity for you to have accessibility to an ocean of ideas which you never have seen before.
  1. Is there a risk of ideas being copied and stolen if published ?
    Safety comes first! With safety comes customer happiness and retention. Thus, we at Patent Bazaar look forward to careful handling of information that are confidential, so we provide you the facility to login to our site and keep your data safe! And be rest assured that nobody sees it unless you want it to be displayed. There are login Ids and passwords which only you can have access to.
  1. Do I need to register on your website to add my patent for sale?
    Yes. You need to register to avail the provisions just like a premium member.