Patenting of inventions in India started receiving attention from industry and academia post introduction of product patents consequent to WTO/TRIPS.

Indian Patent Office ( revamped itself and introduced online publication (Patent Office Journal) and introduced online filing and communications, exclusively in recent times.

With increasing cost of research and development (R&D), innovation, IP protection, licensing and technology transfer, patents granted in India and overseas became valuable but costly tools for monopoly in the marketplace. Emphasis on licensing and commercialisation of patents have gained attention and importance immensely and enormously. Consequently a  need for a “one-stop Shop” for transacting of licensing and assignment and all types of transaction involving granted patents and pending patent application to optimize cost recoveries and faster commercialisation.

To fulfil this objective the Patent Bazaar has been setup for those who wish to offer licensing and commercialisation and for those who are interested in such protected technology for taking to market place.

Patent Bazaar offers this unique & market place with “patents on offer” & “Enquiries for patentable commercialisation projects” to be undertaken by potential R&D centres in academics, institutes and corporates – “contract research on offer”

“Patents on offer” are available on exclusive basis or non-exclusive basis. Negotiation for Patent on offer, may be interested buyers/ clients for patents/technology may approach Patent Bazaar directly or to the patentees/ patent owners based on details of patent as disclosed on Patent Bazaar. However the transactions concluded to Patent Bazaar Services may be intimated to Patent Bazaar for display.

Patent Bazaar will also render commercialisation services for concluding or licensees for agreements and for concluding the assisted formalities for patent register.